Item: 13VDIR2.8-11

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Vendor: Pelco Sales

1.4-2.6 aperture; 0.3 meter minimum object distance; 19.7 to 72.4 vertical, 26.2 to 97.4 horizontal, and 32.7 to 123.2 diagonal field of view; 8.66 to 18.69 mm back focal length; operating temperature -4 to 140F (-20 to 60C).

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List: $168.00

Dealer: $N/A

  • Auto Iris, Manual Focus and Zoom
  • CS Mount
  • For use with 1/3-Inch Format Cameras
  • High Resolution Power in Compact Body
  • Spot Filter
Other Information
Install Hours: 0 *
Phase: n/a
Industry: n/a
Voltage: n/a
Rack Mount: No
Rack Units: 0
Bulk Wire: No
Diameter: 0
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