Item: KX-08

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Vendor: Optex

The KX-08 directional ceiling mount PIR with pet tolerance combines the ease of installation and good looks of a ceiling mounted sensor with the reliability of Optex unique Quad-Zone Logic. Using this logic, the KX-08 has been designed to give extremely high false alarm protection with tolerance to spot temperature changes from curtains or small to medium sized animals. Optex's Optical Quad Technology uses taller detection zones divided into upper and lower areas. It detects IR energy changes in both areas and then couples them for extremely accurate detections. KX-08 provides very high reliability, ease of installation and blends perfectly in the room with its small ceiling mount design.

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List: $40.00

Dealer: $28.00

  • Directional Ceiling Mount
  • Quad Zone Logic
  • Patented Multi Focus Lens
  • Temperature Compensation Logic
  • Small Pet Tolerant
  • Easy Installation
Other Information
Install Hours: .25 *
Phase: Trim
Industry: n/a
Voltage: n/a
Rack Mount: No
Rack Units: 0
Bulk Wire: No
Diameter: 0
* Product install times are provided for reference purposes only. Actual install time may vary. Product install times indicate estimated time to install the product under normal conditions based on industry research and does not take into account other considerations such as travel, un-boxing, programming, commissioning, or other factors.