Item: QPLATE20

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Vendor: AtlasIED

This unique mounting plate is designed for mounting an AtlasIED 8'' compression driver full range speaker into our 12'' Q series enclosures at a 20 angle.

Notes: n/a

List: $92.99

Dealer: $N/A

  • Allows Mounting of 8'' Loudspeaker (8CXT60 or FA138) in a 12'' Q Ser. Enclosure
  • Compensation System for 20 Degree Cathedral Ceilings
  • Use with Q4612 (or Larger Enclosure)
Other Information
Install Hours: .25 *
Phase: Rough-In
Industry: n/a
Voltage: n/a
Rack Mount: No
Rack Units: 0
Bulk Wire: No
Diameter: 0
* Product install times are provided for reference purposes only. Actual install time may vary. Product install times indicate estimated time to install the product under normal conditions based on industry research and does not take into account other considerations such as travel, un-boxing, programming, commissioning, or other factors.