Item: RM300-AI-10

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Vendor: Raytec Systems Inc

Panoramic Ultra Infra-Red illuminators are designed for high megapixel, PTZ, wide angle and multi-sensor cameras. The RM300-AI-PANUT series provides powerful 180 illumination to deliver outstanding night-time images at distances up to 150m+ (492ft). Part of the RAYMAX family, Panoramic Ultra Illuminators encorporate the latest Platinum Elite LED technology to deliver exceptionally even 360 surveillance with only two units. Covering huge areas, they evenly illuminate multiple subjects and allow your camera to fully zoom into any incident, anywhere in the scene - so that you never miss an event. Mains powered, RAYMAX Panoramic Ultra illuminators are supplied with a dedicated PSU as standard.

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Dealer: $1975.00

  • Designed for High MP, PTZ and Multi-sensor Cameras
  • 180 coverage up to 150m (492ft)
  • 360 coverage with only 2 units
  • Latest Platinum Elite SMT LEDs
  • Even Output illumination
  • HRT Hot-spot Reduction Technology
  • Supplied with Dedicated Power Supply Unit
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Install Hours: 0 *
Phase: n/a
Industry: n/a
Voltage: n/a
Rack Mount: No
Rack Units: 0
Bulk Wire: No
Diameter: 0
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