Item: IR229-C10-24

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Vendor: Iluminar Inc

IR illumination is an ideal source of illumination for security cameras for the following reasons. It is invisible to the human eye but visible to black/white and true day/night cameras, which makes it ideal as a covert/none obtrusive form of illumination. Because it is invisible to the human eye it does not create the problem of light pollution. It has a longer range than visible light due to the higher wavelength (up to approx. 1000’ or 305m) All Iluminar’s Infrared illuminators are designed to provide superior IR lighting for CCTV systems. They are available with a range of angles to cover different ranges and scenes.

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  • IR illuminator with LED technology
  • Distances up to 229 (70m)
  • Various angles (10o , 20o , 30o )
  • 850nm or 940nm Wavelengths
  • Low power consumption
  • Even illumination
  • No maintenance required
  • 3 year warranty
  • IP67 weatherproof rating
  • c/w wall mount
  • Built-in photocell IR on/off
  • 24VAC input
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Rack Mount: No
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