Technology partner: V5050 Identiv, Inc.
SKU 921PM-5050
iClass SE RK40 Keypad RDR-Mobile. Refer to HID HTOG for final configuration to read legacy iClass, iClass SE, Seos and either HID or Indala Prox. HID Model 921PM. Works with HID Mobile credential - see CRD633ZZ-xxxx, must include 1 Mobile Admin card for each customer = SEC9X-CRD-MAD-xxxx and 1 Mobile Card for each customer = SEC9X-CRD-E-MKYD
*See CRD633ZZ-xxx, Must Include (1) Mobile Admin Card For Each Customer =SEC9X-CRD-MAD-xxxx And (1) Mobile Card For Each Customer = SEC9X-CRD-E-MKYD*