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SKU AH15A-261
The self-contained one-way amplified paging horn assemblies with screwdriver-adjustable volume controls. They are ideal for expanding the capability of telephone paging systems in highnoise areas. Their sturdy, weatherproof, allmetal construction make them ideal for use in industrial plants, warehouses, schools, construction sites, transportation terminals, and recreation areas. Universal mounting brackets permit adjustment in vertical and horizontal planes; banding slots are provided for ease in securing the horns to beams and pillars. Quick connections to audio and power sources are easily made with the 24-inch color-coded cable. A plastic cover protects the volume control and provides cable strain relief. Field maintenance is facilitated through the use of self-aligning, field-replaceable diaphragm assemblies mounted within a waterproof housing. Speaker and mounting bracket are finished in an attractive, durable, textured mocha enamel
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  • 5W and 15W models
  • Weatherproof housing: all-aluminum construction
  • Screwdriver-adjustable volume controls
  • Tilt & swivel mounting brackets for vertical or horizontal positioning
  • Textured mocha enamel finish
  • Banding slots for easy mounting on beams and pillars
  • 4-conductor connection cable included