Technology partner: V1263 Inovonics Wireless Corp.
SKU BAT604-50-1263
The Inovonics BAT604-50 is a 50-pack of the BAT604-12 Panasonic CR123A 3V lithium replacement battery used in the EE1210, EE1210W, EE1212, EE1215, EE1215W, EE1216, EE1260, EE1261, EE1262, EE1265, EE1242, EE1247, EE1702, EE1722, EE1723, EN1210, EN1210W, EN1210EOL EN1212, EN1215EOL, EN1215WEOL, EN1216, EN1260, EN1262, EN1265, EN1242, EN1247, EN1249, EN1702, EN1722, EN1723, EN1751, EN1501, EN1501-XL, EN1501-EXT, ES1210, ES1210W, ES1212, ES1215, ES1215W, ES1216, ES1260, ES1262, ES1265, ES1242, ES1247, ES1702, ES1722, ES1723, ES1501, FA100, FA130, FA202, FA206B, FA206I, FA206S, FA206C, FA206DS, FA207, FA210, FA210W, FA250, FA7226, FA7226T1, FA7236, FA7236SO, and ACC630.
*8% Surcharge at Invoice* **50 Pieces Per Pack**