SKU ES831-N0-2586
ES831 bi-directional optical turnstiles with hands-free barrier arms enhance the security of access control systems. The ES831 provides a visual as well as a psychological barrier while communicating to pedestrians that authorization is required to gain access to a facility or area. Where high-speed pedestrian throughput and aesthetics are priorities, ES831 barrier arm turnstiles can grant access for up to 60 people per minute per lane and are surfaced to match the interior of any lobby with standard or custom designs and finishes. Compatible with most reader and access control technology, they detect, deter, and report attempts to enter without a valid card or by “tailgating” behind authorized personnel.


  • Complements architectural styling
  • Encourages employees to maintain access control procedures
  • Detects tailgating
  • Compatible with any access control system
  • High throughput easy entry or exit for authorized personnel
  • Provides a physical barrier between secured and unsecured areas of the facility
  • Field configurable for card-in/card-out or card-in/free-exit operation
  • Reduces number of personnel needed to monitor building entry/exit points
  • Excellent serviceability
  • ADA compatible