Technology partner: V3360 Cooper Notification (Wheelock)
SKU ET80-24MCW-FR-3360
The Wheelock Series ET Vandal Resistant speaker strobes provide a full range of rugged, high performance combinations specifically designed to meet the critical needs of the life safety industry for voice and tone signaling. Aesthetically pleasing, each ET model covers both 25 and 70 volt audio systems, and has multiple wattage taps from 1/8 to 8 watts. Their high-efficiency design provides improved voice clarity and higher sound output for typical low frequency fire evacuation signal.
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  • Approvals Include: UL Standard 1480, UL Standard 1971, California State Fire Marshal (CSFM), New York City (MEA), Chicago (BFP), and FCC Part 15
  • Complies with OSHA 29, Part 1910.165
  • Designed to meet or exceed NFPA/ANSI Standards and ADA Accessibility Guidelines
  • High efficiency speakers designed for maximum output at minimum wattage across 400 to 4000 Hz frequency range
  • Field selectable taps for 25 or 70 VRMS operation from 1/8 watt up to 8 watts in 3 dB steps
  • ET80 Speaker Strobe models available with Multi-candela strobes rated 15/30/75/110cd and 135/185cd or single candela strobes rated 15cd (with 75cd on axis)
  • All strobe inputs are compatible with standard reverse polarity type supervision of circuit wiring by an alarm panel ? Attractive package styles for flush or surface mounting to standard low cost backboxes
  • ET-1010 models UL Listed for outdoor use with Wheelock WBB outdoor backbox
  • Vandal resistant die cast grilles
  • Sealed back speaker construction for extra protection and improved audibility
  • Fast installation with IN/OUT screw terminals using #12 to #18 AWG wring
  • Compliance with RFI limits in FCC Part 15, Class ?B? for compatibility with sensitive detection and communication circuits
  • Audio inputs include a 10 uF blocking capacitor for compatibility with DC supervision of Speaker Notification Appliance Circuits
  • ET80-24MCW-FR