Technology partner: V2618 Keyscan Inc. (dormakaba Canada Inc.)
SKU K-RX-2618
Wireless RF receiver (4 channel)


  • Fast installation with Keyscan access control unit. Simple fob enrollment in Keyscan software. One cardholder number for all RF activations and proximity activations
  • Allows for integration to gate/garage applications without costly trenching or installation of pedestals to mount readers
  • Permits tracking, usage reporting and assigning access privileges (including time and day restrictions) when used with Keyscan access control units and software
  • Fobs work in long range RF mode as well as standard proximity format for other access control secure doors
  • Fobs may be ordered with Keyscan K-SMART 13.56MHz (K-TX2-1K), HID 125kHz (K-TX2) or INDALA 125kHz (K-INTX2) coil sets
  • Employs a rolling 40-bit code combined with a 256bit encryption key for anti-sniffing and anti-playback protection
  • Available in 4-channel fobs
  • Will function in non-keyscan environments using a Wiegand protocol