Technology partner: V3360 Cooper Notification (Wheelock)
SKU MTWP-2475W-NW-3360
Wheelock has the broadest UL Listed weatherproof product line in the industry for wall and ceiling mount with an extended temperature range of -31F to 150F (-35C to 66C) per UL 1638. The Multitone Strobe Appliances use a Xenon flash tube with solid state circuitry enclosed in a rugged Lexan? lens to provide maximum visibility and reliability for effective visible signaling. The Multitone electronic appliance offers a choice of eight (8) internationally recognized alerting sounds: Horn, Bell, March Time Horn, Code 3 Tone, Code 3 Horn, Slow Whoop, Siren or Hi/Lo Tone. Additionally, the audible has two installer selectable sound output levels; Standard and High covering a range (depending on selected signal) or 85-100 dBA anechoic. The series MTWP is a true 4-wire appliance. The strobe portion can by synchronized and non synchronized. The Multitone (audible) portion can be synchronized, but it can be connected to a coded fire alarm system. The series MTWP and the MT-12/24 mount to a series IOB out door backbox.
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  • Approvals include: ULC, UL 1638, UL 464
  • Meets OSHA 29 Part 1910.165.
  • ULC Listed with an extended temperature range of -35C to 66C (-31F to 150F).
  • 24 VDC with wide UCL Listed Voltage Range using filtered (DC) or unfiltered VRMS voltage.
  • Synchronize with Wheelock Series SM or DSM, Sync Module(s).