Ceiling Suspension System, MxTubeMount, Includes Drop Down Protection Wire (2.2m/7.2 Foot), Alternate Suspension With Customary Tubes: Outer Diameter 30mm or 26.9mm (R3/4 According To DIN 2440), Max. Length: 2m (6.6 Foot), Max. Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 Lb.), Color/Material Or Choice, For Suspended Ceiling Installation Of M1x, M2x, v2x, And PTMount/PT-Mount-Thermal Cameras (Each Can Be Attached Directly To The MxTubeMount) And D2x, Q2x, C2x And P2x Cameras (Each Can Be Attached To The MxTubeMount When Using The Optional On-Wall Mounting Set Of The Camera) *Additionally Needed Suspension Tubes MX-MT-TUBE-100 (1m/3.3 Foot) And MX-MT-TUBE-200 (2m/6.6 Foot) Ordered Separately*