Proximity Sensor Box, Outdoor, Installation Possible On Materials That Absorb Radar Waves Slightly (e.g., Uncoated Glass, Plastics, Various Wood-Based Materials Or Drywall), Can Also Be Mounted Behind Walls (e.g., Wooden, Plastic, Glass Or Drywall), IP66/IK07-Rated, -20 to 60°C / -4 to 140°F, Based On Radar Microwave Technology, Covered Area (Horizonal And Vertical): 80° x 34°, Detection Range: Up To 8m/26 Foot (Person), Up To 20m/ 66 Foot (Vehicle), Camera Connection Via MxBus, For MOBOTIX Systems *Installation Not Possible Behind Materials That Absorb Or Reflect Radar Waves (e.g., Metal Or Metal-Coated Surfaces)*