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SKU PM2000-340
The PM2000/PM2010 are universal pedestal mounts designed for use with medium- and heavy-duty pan/tilts, including Legacy® and Esprit® integrated positioning systems. The PM2000/PM2010 are also compatible with PS20 Series scanners. Constructed from aluminum, these mounts will safely support up to 125 pounds (56.62 kg). Optional adapters are available for various pan/tilt and enclosure applications. The PM2000 height is 24 inches (60.96 cm), and the PM2010 height is 10 inches (25.40 cm). The use of two or more ST1 support struts greatly increases horizontal stability in high wind installations. The PM2000/PM2010 can also be adapted for use with enclosures when used with the AH1000 or AH2000 adjustable head. The AH1000 and AH2000 allow 360-degree positioning of the enclosure; the AH1000 is for use with EH3512/EH4700 Series enclosures, and the AH2000 is for use with EH5700, EH8106, and EHX*E Series enclosures. In certain applications, the AH1000 or AH2000 can be utilized alone. When mounting a Legacy integrated positioning system on the PM2000 or PM2010, the PA2000 adapter must also be used. No adapter is required when using the Esprit integrated positioning system with factory-supplied EPP pedestal adapter plate
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  • Cable Feedthrough Holes (Top and Bottom)
  • Ceiling/Pedestal Mounting
  • For use with Medium- and Heavy-Duty Pan/Tilts
  • Optional Adapter Available for use with Enclosures
  • Optional Support Struts Available for use in High Wind Applications
  • Supports up to 125 Pounds (56.62 kg)