STR,RED,CEIL,24VDC,15/30/75/95CD,,NO LTR,WHT / Returnable Item with 25% Restock Fee


  • Amber Lenses have been tested to meet UL 1971 light distribution
  • Choice of strobe lens colors amber, blue, red (some models or by special order)
  • Field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/95cd or high intensity models with 115/177cd settings
  • Indoor 24VDC models with UL Regulated Voltage at 16-33 VDC using filtered DC or unfiltered FWR input voltage
  • Multitone appliance
  • Strobes can be synchronized with Wheelocks DSM sync modules or SAFEPATHTM4 power supplies
  • Combination speaker/strobes available for voice messages with visual alerting
  • Mount to standard electrical boxes
  • High quality designs from the leader in fire notification alarms