Technology partner: V3360 Cooper Notification (Wheelock)
SKU STH-15S-3360
The Wheelock Series STH-15S supervised horn loudspeakers are surface-mounting, high-efficiency units for life safety and communication system applications. When used with compatible control equipment, they provide high-intelligibility voice reproduction and signal transmission for indoor or outdoor emergency alarm and protective signaling.
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  • 15-Watt High Efficiency Compression Driver
  • Weather-resistant, vandal-resistant aluminum construction assures protection against water, humidity, vermin, and corrosion
  • Reentrant acoustic path
  • 25/70/100 V transformer featuring a screwdriver adjustable, 7-position watt/impedance selection switch
  • 5 mfd Capacitor for Line Supervision
  • Simplified, universal-mounting bracket adjustable in horizontal and vertical planes with banding slots for beam or pillar mounting
  • Installation terminals and power selector are recessed mounted, and protected by the metal interface adapter, or clear plastic shield