Technology partner: V599 Select Engineered Systems Inc
SKU T1HF50CA-599
The TEC1 provides basic telephone entry with the SES advantage. TEC1 series offers 2 line or 4 line displays and five capacities: 50, 125, 250, 500 and 995 to match your requirements. The “CA” models have card access capability and include the modem and SELCOM basic software. The display is easily read in direct sunlight or at night. As with all SES telephone access systems, the TEC1 series has board level surge suppression at no additional cost, and the stainless steel front door and aluminum back box are sure to provide years of durable service. Designed to the same high standards as the TEC and CAT product lines, the TEC1’s come with a two year limited warranty. The best of basic telephone entry, with unmatched SES quality.


  • Two line (TEC1) or four line (TEC1M) LCD display readable in direct sunlight or darkness.
  • System programmable code length from 1 to 6 digits for codes and PINs.
  • Programmable Entry PIN code attempts (strike out) from 0 to 9 tries.
  • Programmable Hide-a-Name feature to conceal resident identities.
  • Provides two door control relays.
  • Ability to latch relay or provide remote door release through telephone touch tones.
  • REX inputs for both entrance control relays.
  • Dials out up to 14 digit telephone numbers tone or rotary.
  • Talk time programmable from 1- 99 minutes.
  • Programmable voice mail response via active keypad.
  • Mutes tones in speaker while dialing.
  • Blocks door open tone through microphone.
  • Fully programmable through the keypad.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Programmable background beep to indicate incoming call is from TEC1.
  • Integrated surge protection on all inputs and outputs to minimize transient voltage effects.
  • Postal lock capability included.
  • Surface semi flush or pedestal mounting.
  • Manager Password.
  • Battery charging circuit.
  • 2 year limited warranty