Technology partner: V3360 Cooper Notification (Wheelock)
SKU TB-593-3360
Wheelock's loud bell phone ringers are attention-getting telephone alerts designed for use in noisy locations and/or for medium to large area coverage. Perfect for both Indoor or Outdoor apllications. Typical applications would be factories, repair shops, printing shops, loading platforms, and warehouses. TelBells utilize a durable, high torque, permanent magnet motor-driven mechanism and 6'' low frequency aluminum bell shell to produce a higher sound output and lower resonant frequency than conventional mechanical bells. TelBells include an extremely adjustable, tamper-resistant volume control, and are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Non Standard Product-10 Days Lead Time


  • Very loud bell
  • Super Quick and Easy 5 min installation
  • Free Tech Support
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Aluminum bell housing
  • Shell Size: 6?
  • Integral RFI suppression
  • Screw terminal connections and RJ-11 plug
  • Motor Driven
  • Tamper resistant volume control
  • Applications: Telephone Ringers
  • Approvals Include: TB-593 is UL Listed