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UPDATE:My Account area is now working! Technical issues still exist with the Item Detail Pages.

WORKAROUND:If you are still not seeing pricing on the Item Detail page, here's how to find your price and add to cart: When you search for an item, rather than clicking on the item in the Quick List dropdown, hit Enter. This will bring up a list of search items. The list will show your pricing and allow you add items to your cart. It’s possible the search will return one item, in which case the search takes you directly to the Item Detail page, but if you repeat your search with a less exact part number, you should be able to get a list that will include your item with its price and Add to Cart button.

Why spend all day on the phone when ordering products from over 150 vendor partners is just a single purchase order away? The PSA online store ( is easy to use and offers unique search capabilities, order history and tracking functionality, and overall account management.