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Premier Vendor Partner

PSA Security Network® announced its new and improved Premier Vendor Program to enhance the value of the PSA relationship to its Vendor Partners and align it with our new Premier Owner Program. The PSA Premier Vendor Program has a defined process for evaluating its key Vendor Partners.  By meeting specific and measureable objectives, Vendor Partners can become eligible for “Premier Vendor” status.   Premier status will include a variety of opportunities to foster brand visibility and increased sales volume.

The Process
  1. PSA to review Vendor Partners, with annual sales volume greater than $250,000, based upon the scorecard noted below.
  2. Once reviewed the Vendor Partner is invited in for a face-to-face meeting where the Vendor Partner will have the opportunity to do a self-evaluation.
  3. PSA will review findings with Vendor Partner representative.
  4. PSA and Vendor Partner will develop a working strategy to address and improve key components of the program.
  5. PSA and Vendor Partner will schedule next meeting to follow-up on action items and to evaluate improvements.
The Scorecard:

Below are the components of the scorecard.  Each component carries a weighted value. These are the deliverables PSA considers to be the most important to our integrators and to PSA Corporate.

    • Channel all PSA Integrator business through PSA.
    • Provide PSA with the most competitive margin (i.e. best price).
    • Provide electronic communication of ship dates, tracking, product availability, invoicing, back orders, etc (i.e., EDI).
    • Offer PSA a competitive freight policy or free UPS ground.
    • Provide a customer service priority escalation program.
    • Assure that your sales & marketing department’s work with PSA on a regular basis.
    • Assure consistent communication from manufactures representatives with PSA Integrators.
    • Generate leads for PSA Integrators.
    • Offer PSA an early pay discount.
    • Participate in PSA’s events (TEC, Convention, EDU).
    • Offer on-line Technical Certification and on-line Sales Training.
    • Offer a competitive bid and project registration program.
    • Provide Advance Replacement Policy for warranteed items.

For more information about the PSA Security Network's Premier Partner Program please contact Craig Patterson at 303-450-3451 or CPatterson@PSAsecurity.com